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Stand: 15.05.2017

Climate Change, Risks and Challenges

A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

The challenge of climate change

Climate change is one of the major challenges for the international community. However, there is no intuitive approach to the problem of climate change. Rather, it can only be grasped through scientific knowledge, which guides the transformation process in terms of action taken.

Climate Course - free online education

If you want to learn about the climate system, climate change, its causes, risks, and challenges, you can join our Climate Course.

Registration for the MOOC will open on September 1st 2017

The course itself will start on October 1st 2017. After that all-time enrolment is possible. 


Tina Harms
Consultant Digital Learning
WWF Germany
phone: +49(0)30/311 777-433

MOOC - Newsletter

We would like to send you news via email about the launch and the progress of our ClimateMOOC. Please contact Tina Harms for this service. 


The German Climate Consortium, in collaboration with WWF Germany, has developed an inter-disciplinary MOOC on climate change and its consequences. We have attracted renowned researchers from leading German climate research institutes to this online course. The project is sponsored by the Federal Foreign Office.

The English course is also an opportunity for German universities to include the content in their international courses. If that sounds interesting for you, please contact Tina Harms.

Sponsored by

Federal Foreign Office
Robert Bosch Stiftung
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