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Stand: 10.10.2016

Principal Technical Advisor DSPA

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is one of the largest independent conservation organizations in the world. We are an international NGO committed to environmental protection active in almost 100 countries and have been working in the Congo Basin since 1978.


The Dzanga Sangha Protected Areas complex (DSPA) is a 4,450 km2 area, covering the Dzanga Sangha Dense Forest Special Reserve with its various community use and other zones, and the Dzanga Ndoki National Park. This space is home to spectacular large mammals such as forest elephants, lowland gorillas and chimpanzees, bongos, buffalos, sitatungas, giant forest hogs as well as a large variety of monkeys and duikers. The area is also home to exceptional diversity in other taxa.


DSPA is part of the recently inscribed Sangha Tri-National (TNS) World Heritage Site. The TNS is made up of three national parks (Dzanga Ndoki in CAR, Lobeke in Cameroon and Nouabale Ndoki in the Republic of Congo) and their buffer zones. The protected area managers and their key partners work together to manage the TNS.


WWF is supporting the Government of CAR to manage DSPA both to conserve its exceptional biodiversity and to promote the sustainable management of natural resources for the well-being of nearby human populations.

Role And Major Functions

WWF-CAR seeks a Principal Technical Advisor whose major function will be the overall implementation and supervision of its field Programme in support to the CAR Government. They will collaborate for the management of the Dzanga-Sangha Protected Areas (DSPA) and its broader landscape, in its aim to maintain the biodiversity of the south-western forests of the CAR.


Location: The position will be based in Bayanga, CAR.

Duration: 2 years renewable

Main responsibilities:

1. Ensure full coordination with DSPA and CAR administration: 

  • Provide technical assistance to the DSPA National Director (ND – Expert National) designated by the CAR Government as the person responsible for the management of DSPA, the DSPA Park Warden (Conservateur), other DSPA personnel and DSPA partners, to ensure integrated and effective management of all DSPA components in accordance with DSPA management plan, including the development and implementation of annual work plans and budget;
  • Provide technical assistance to the CAR Government in the management of all funds allocated to DSPA, in particular funds from the Sangha Tri-National Foundation;


2. Sound programme implementation and development

  • Promote conservation, ecotourism and specifically gorilla viewing based tourism, co-management instruments involving local stakeholders, and local development related to sustainable management of natural resources;
  • Lead programme development for DSPA and contribute to the development and implementation of a strategy securing long term funds for DSPA, in collaboration with  WWF Network, and the Sangha TriNational Foundation;
  • Participate in landscape planning and follow-up implementation for the trans-boundary Sangha TriNational Landscape (TNS), of which DSPA is part, and, in particular, contribute to fulfilment by TNS of its obligations as a World Heritage Site, in close collaboration with TNS partners;


3. Support WWF team and coordination with WWF Network

  • Provide guidance and supervision to other WWF Technical Assistants and WWF staff in DSPA to contribute to effective WWF support to conservation, ecotourism, development and research activities in DSPA and ensure that sound practices orient WWF support to the CAR Government;
  • Take primary responsibility for the preparation and administrative and financial management of budgets under WWF direct administration. Systematically review the status of project budgets and ensure that annual budget targets are met;
  • Following established WWF guidelines, ensure that appropriate administrative and accounting policies and systems are implemented. As necessary, evaluate financial and administrative operations and propose systems for improved effectiveness and efficiency;

Required Qualifications

  • A minimum MSc in conservation, environmental management or any related field
  • A minimum of eight (8) years of experience in working in conservation or development organizations, especially in a similar biome
  • Demonstrated knowledge of management principles applying to multi-disciplinary and multi-donor programmes.

Required Skills And Competencies

  • Strong managerial and administrative skills and excellent organizational skills
  • Strong communication skills, particularly in writing reports and proposals for donor agencies in both French and English
  • Ability to live and work in a remote place;
  • Adhere to WWF’s values: Knowledgeable, Optimistic, Determined and Engaging.

How to apply?

Additional information, including Terms of Reference, can be obtained at the offices of WWF Tanzania Country Office in Dar es Salaam. Applications must include a complete CV with full contact details of three referees and should be addressed to the People & Organization Development Manager through hresources(at) by Tuesday, 11th October 2016 at 4:30 pm. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and the interviews will take place in Dar es Salaam.

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