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Stand: 23.01.2019

Climate Change, Risks and Challenges

A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

Climate Change, Risks and Challenges

Join our free and open online course on climate change and learn with renowned climate scientists. The Climate Course is open since October 2017. You can follow us on #ClimateCourse.

Registration for the Climate Course is open

For everyone who is interested in a short version, we have put together a short track on the learning platform of openSAP:

Science for everyone: #ClimateCourse

Climate change is one of the major challenges for the international community. However, there is no intuitive approach to the problem. Rather, it can only be grasped through scientific knowledge. This is why our Climate Course explains the scientific basis of climate change, the impacts on nature and society, and identifies potential solutions – so that fact-based knowledge is available for everyone and can guide the transformation process towards a sustainable future.

About the Climate Course

  • Understand science: The basics of climate research are explained in short and comprehensive videos. Six chapters with more than 20 of Germany's top scientists provide an overview of the state of the art.
  • Test yourself: With quizzes and tasks you can check your comprehension immediately.
  • Document your knowledge: Receive a free certificate by DKK and WWF after completing the Climate Course and open badges for your professional social media profiles.
  • Become part of the network: Exchange experiences and views with other participants. Find people interested in climate change and climate protection in your city and all around the world.
  • Take action: Get ideas on how to support climate protection.


Tina Harms
Consultant Digital Learning
WWF Germany
phone: +49(0)30/311 777-433


The scientific association Deutsche Klima-Konsortium together with the non-governmental organization WWF Germany have developed an interdisciplinary MOOC on climate change and its impacts. We have attracted renowned researchers from leading German climate research institutes to this Climate Course. The project is sponsored by the Federal Foreign Office.

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